In this life I can't swim, but soon I'm gonna fly
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a.k.a. meine cd sammlung in auszügen und andere erwähnenswerte künstler


4lyn - take it as a compliment
4lyn - neon
4lyn - 4lyn
a perfect circle - thirteenth step
a perfect circle - mer de noms
die ärzte - geräusch
die ärzte - runter mit den spendierhosen, unsichtbarer
die ärzte - ab 18
craig armstrong - as if to nothing
craig armstrong - the space between us
at the drive-in - relationship of command
beatsteaks - smack smash
beatsteaks - wohnzimmer e.p.
beatsteaks - living targets
beatsteaks - launched
beatsteaks - 48/49
blink-182 - blink-182
philip boa - my private war
philip boa - copperfield
box car racer - box car racer
brand new - deja entendu
bubba sparxxx - deliverance
bubba sparxxx - dark days, bright nights
bush - the science of things
bush - razorblade suitcase
calexico - feast of wire
calexico - hot rail
nick cave and the bad seeds - nocturama
coal chamber - chamber music
death by stereo - into the valley of death
death by stereo - day of the death
deftones - white pony
depeche mode - the singles
dragon ash - harvest
dredg - catch without arms
dredg - el cielo
dredg - leitmotif
the dwarves - come clean
emil bulls - porcelain
farmer boys - the world is ours
feeder - polythene
foo fighters - there is nothing left to lose
foo fighters - foo fighters
nelly furtado - folklore
garbage - beautiful garbage
garbage - version 2.0
garbage - garbage
glassjaw - worship and tribute
guano apes - don't give me names
guano apes - proud like a god
heideroosjes - sinema
heideroosjes - it's a life
heideroosjes - fast forward
heideroosjes - shizo
heideroosjes -'re dying
heideroosjes - kung-fu
heideroosjes - fifi
heideroosjes - choice for a lost generation?!
hell is for heros - the neon handshake
heyday - wide awake
heyday - 23
him - love metal
him - deep shadows and brilliant highlights
him - razorblade romance
him - greatest lovesongs vol. 666
hole - celebrity skin
hole - my body, the hand grenade
hot water music - a flight and a crash
incubus - morning view
the (international) noise conspiracy - armed love
jimmy eat world - bleed american
jimmy eat world - clarity
jj72 - jj72
the joykiller - ready * sexed * go!
the joykiller - three
the joykiller - static
the joykiller - the joykiller
kill hannah - for never and ever
kill hannah - american jet set
the lawrence arms - the greatest story ever told
lit - atomic
lostprophets - thefakesoundofprogress
marilyn manson - holy wood
marilyn manson - mechanical animals
matchbook romance - stories and alibis
matthew good - white light and rock & roll review
matthew good - avalanche
matthew good band - beautiful midnight
matthew good band - last of the ghetto astronauts
moloko - statues
moneybrother - to die alone
moneybrother - blood panic
nine inch nails - the fragile
nine inch nails - further down the spiral
nirvana - in utero
nirvana - incesticide
nirvana - nevermind
nirvana - bleach
no doubt - tragic kingdom
outkast - speakerboxxx/the love below
the paperbacks - an episode of sparrows
placebo - sleeping with ghosts
quarashi - jinx
queens of the stone age - songs for the dead
rancid - indestructible
red hot chili peppers - californication
scarface - the fix
elliott smith - either/or
suit yourself - rockola
system of a down - steal this album!
system of a down - toxicity
system of a down - system of a down
die toten hosen - zurück zum glück
die toten hosen - reich und sexy - die fetten jahre II
tool - ænima
underoath - they're only chasing safety
underoath - the changing of times
the used - the used
the verve - urban hymns
the white stripes - elephant
yucatan - ego drama
zwan - mary star of the sea

und dazu noch alles, wirklich alles von den smashing pumpkins

daneben noch

A True Story
As Night Falls
Dritte Wahl
Komputer Kontroller
Muff Potter
Quantice Never Crashed
The Silence
Straylight Run
Symbion project
Veda Skyes
The Weakerthans

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